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It’s A Wonderful Tebow

The impossible has happened: Last week an NFL team won a game without a Quarterback! The Denver Broncos had only two receptions in the whole game (out of only 8 attempts) and yet somehow won the game.

Every analyst has ripped Tim Tebow apart as a Quarterback in pointing out he has a terrible release, and can’t look off the Safties. They bashed the Broncos when they gave into the fans’ demand to put Tebow and saying that all front office managers are going to ruin their careers for this spineless move. But something interesting has happened: The Broncos are actually winning games!

The Broncos were dead in the water with a ugly record of 1-4 when they made the switch to Tebow, and now are 5-5 and a game away from the division leading Raiders.

Currently his career record is 5-3 and during that time when he didn’t start they’re 4-14.

This phenomenon is what I now call “The Tebow Effect” which basically is the value of a winner. As with many things in life, we try to produce consistent mathematical formulas to intagible elements. We try to evaluate players based on indicative statistics: how fast was his 40 yard dash? what was his passing competion percentage? etc. But Tebow defies the stats as well as the eyeball test: He can’t do a simple dropback and has a long release.

But he has something that we can’t exactly quantify: He’s a winner. That’s it! plain and simple!

I’ll just make this a quick summary for those who don’t want to spend time reading.

Leadership is beyond numbers, its psychological. Stats don’t show the capability of a single individual being able to make those around perform better. Tebow himself looks bad, but for some reason has propelled the entire team to play up to their maximum potential. It’s a leadership quality that mostly remains hidden and most people are unaware of.

I’ll give another example of this on the football field: My Junior Varsity team during my sophomore year. (just to clarify, this isn’t all about me so hold judgement!)

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I somehow was able to convince my coaches that at least deserve playing time at QB even though I was competing for the shortest player on the team and was left-handed. Eventually it lead to the point that I entered the season co-starting at QB with Anthony Crimi.

If you know anything about team chemistry, the kiss of death is when the coaching staff decides to split the leadership duties between two QBs. Division almost always takes place, its a “team Edward/team Jacob” in the locker room. But that is the crazy thing: We were united.

For some crazy reason, Crimi and I complemented each-other with my strengths being able to sell fakes and confuse the defense, and Crimi had the arm to make the critical passes and as well as a nasty juking ability when he ran. For some reason the team embraced it, we were completely dominating our oppenents. We were undefeated for probably the first 5 games, when remember a Myspace conversation I had with Crimi where we were trying to predict the score of the upcoming game against Bonney Lake. The score was about 45-0 when we joked that they would have a negative score at the end. This isn’t the communication of two people competing for the commanding role of a team.

The evidence of our team was maximizing it’s potential is when the equalibrium was put out of place. Lets just say somebody new came into the picture that displayed all the proper features of the QB: Tall, Strong arm, Great release, Great accuracy, and very decisive. The coaches placed him as the sole starter of our team, and lets just say that Bonney Lake game ended up like 10-6 with us barely getting by. We lost I think 2 of our last 3 games. (I don’t remember exactly, but we did at least lost to Franklin Pierce, and Auburn, and tied with Mountain View). The next two years was full of division and controversy.

Just to clarify, I don’t want to be blaming individuals, but to point out that just the fact that the chemistry was lost. Nothing personally against anyone for that.

In order to be a leader that is able bring the overall team’s production up, you need to have chemistry with your teammates. This isn’t anything new or profound, but different types of leaders work better with different types of people.

The QB for the Broncos that was over Tebow was Kyle Orton, and he is so much better than Tebow. But for some reason his leadership didn’t connect with those players in Denver and Tebow has. Seeing how Orton has played on two teams and the rest of the team hasn’t improved when he is in the lineup shows that maybe he doesn’t have those intangibles to propel those around him.

I want make it clear this isn’t just about being a leader. Some leaders lead by leading the charge and the followers rallying behind in unity; This however is the leadership ability to push everyone else up, even if this doesn’t make the leader shine.

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OCCUPY… Grant’s Brain!

As everyone is aware of, currently people across the United States have gotten off their couches and turned off Call of Duty to protest against the oppresion from corporate greed. But there is an uprising against an worldwide oppression that is far greater than the alleged villian of the American poor.

The members of Grant’s Body have gathered together to protest against the oppressive rule of the brain and lack of influence the members have over their well-being. The brain has absolute power over the rest of the body, dictating their every move. As we’ve interviewed multiple protesters, the only correlation between the protesters is that they feel that the brain is somehow taking advantage of them, and is reaping all the rewards from their efforts.

"At night time, the brain gets to lighten it’s workload and is able to rest. But Atrium and I have to keep working through the night with no breaks! I haven’t got a day off in over 21 years!" Said Ventricle, an engineer at Cardio Utilities. Another blue collar protestor from Tri-ceptics claims that for years he’s been forced by the brain to push heavier weight without an increase in pay.

Even the specialists are out protesting; claiming that the brain has been reaping all the benefits of production at 5 Senses Information Technology. Members in the Tongue division have claimed that their whole job is to interpret information entered by the mouth to distinguish different flavors, and all that information is solely consumed by the brain and enjoys all the benefits of tasting sweets and Dr. Pepper. “I’ve never even experienced the &!@*$# taste of Chocolate! that @*!#%$ brain takes it before I can do anything with it! Why should he enjoy everything I work for??” said one of the more vocal protestors.

It’s clear that we’ve entered into another recession recently with much of the energenic resources are all being spent on the reignited war with Community College. The rationing of the Grant’s Body currency, Energy (ę) has caused public workers to lash out on the brain. Emergency responders in White Blood Cell (WBC) say that transportation is getting congested in the local blood vessels because of lack of ę investment on more efficient blood flow. “It’s frustrating when you’re asked to commit your life to saving the body when the brain invests in inefficient imports like pizza. We need government to regulate resource consumption and make the brain give us healthier imports.”

"We’re 99% and we take the power from the power-hungry 1%"

With the rough economic times the retired workers in the bone manufacturing industry are starting to come out and say that its the brain’s fault for cutting bone construction short that caused the loss of future jobs. ” Ya I think the brain is a stupid fool. Everyone knows Grant’s Body could have gained a few more inches in height that would have increased the amount of jobs. But government didn’t step in to regulate that and now the bone manufacturing industry is dead.”

An interesting twist to this story is that reports are coming out that Occupy Grant’s Brain has received large donations from the Central Nervous System (CNS) an organization that is closely tied to the Fat Cells, a communist group that believe that working is slave labor and it’s the government’s job to supply all the body’s needs.

With all the members of Grant’s Body out protesting, and neglecting their daily work, the economy of Grant’s Body collapsed and went into a coma. The only hope for survival is for everyone to get back to work and bring back stability. But they’ve currently tried to function without the brain. Chances of survival are slim.

-Dedicated to Colin Overland.

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Reply to Zedweiller on "Welcome to Communist America!"


So, just so we’re 100% clear, you’re a Christian who doesn’t object to people being trapped in poverty while others rake in billions. 

Damn. Knew I left the Church for a reason - - hypocrites like yo’ own damn self. 

Ok, first off, I’m not going to spend time defending Christianity in this discussion because there is no correlation between my statements and the Christian belief except for helping people. You can claim my theories are wrong, and my accusations are not justified, but none of that has to do with my Christian belief. 

Now, you made an understandably reaching comment that I am for corporate greed and justify the banking industry to walk away with billions. That is absolutely not the case. There are two points I want to clarify on this defense: 

  1.  Those banks lied, cheated, and ripped off millions of people. In a market economy, we vote with our money, and they should have been left out to rot. Those banks should have been bankrupt. But government stepped in to stop the bleeding. If federal government  hadn’t intervened, they would have reaped the consequences of cheating.
  2.  The financial district is only one aspect of corporate America, and that majority of corporate America doesn’t fit the criteria of those greedy bankers. The vast majority of those business rightfully earned their profit. That 1% for the most part EARNED their wealth. And that tiny sliver of our population is disproportionally carrying our tax burden. That 1% also gives roughly 2/3 of all charitable donations domestically. So how exactly are these people keeping those in poverty “trapped”?  

And you called me a hypocrite? really? why? You think I’m some sheltered person who has no connection to the poor and their suffering? You think I’m taking shots at people I do not know because I think I’m superior to them? Ok, since you have attacked me personally, please pay attention to the following paragraphs.

So let’s start with poverty, what poverty REALLY is. On the abstract level, a 5 person family in America is considered in poverty if they make less then $26,000. This demographic generally has 1-2 cars & 1-3 TVs, a microwave and a computer. What you have to realize about the term “poverty” is that term is subjective, poverty in USA is different then poverty in Bangladesh.  

That was just the unemotional aspect of poverty. Now let’s get on a more personal perspective, I actually have seen real human suffering. About 5 years ago I was in Ecuador, where I was flown into a village that literally is in the middle of the Amazon Rain forest. Those people have NOTHING! Another time I was in the mountains of Mexico where just giving the children a truly functional soccer ball was one of the best gifts they had ever received.  Yet on another trip to Mexico, I helped bring school supplies to children who lived literally in a landfill dump, who had to dig through garbage for recyclable cans.

Now let’s get REALLY personal. You throw around the term poverty as if you are the defender of the helpless. But let me tell you about a time before those two trips I took. When I was 8 years old, I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico and Ecuador, in the outskirts of town where it was all dirt roads for six months. I remember the neighborhood kids begging me to at least have the toy that came with the snack I bought. I remember being so poor that during the Christmas that year we were told not to expect any presents. But on Christmas day some of the international students bought me and my brother a couple of dollar store-type toys and how that was one of the joyous Christmases ever. 

So how dare you call me a hypocrite! I have been there! I have felt that pain! I work hard with the limited opportunities given to me, and it is not easy! My whole goal in life is to help these people, to bring opportunities to those who are helpless! So you picked the worst person to try to degrade and attack my greatest passion! That is why I wrote that blog, MOST of those people have the opportunity to help themselves, but would rather cry foul! For those who genuinely lack the ability to save themselves, we need to help them! and you know who is supposed to help them? Us! Those who have the ability, but resort to protest should be ashamed. My blog is a challenge to them, to wake up and GROW UP! I was harsh and brutal but I want them to succeed, and it is not by waiting for their handout.

To really help those in need, we need to create new opportunities for them. Not something short-term like a payout. Three main aspects that the poor need is: quality jobs, reducing the limiting factors to acquire skills, and efficient money management. You don’t like my stern words and think I’m ignorant, but just because you don’t agree with me, doesn’t make me a hypocrite. Maybe you should spend more time trying to come up with solutions rather than accusations. Because that just makes you bitter.

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Welcome to Communist America! :)

I don’t even know where to start on this, I’m so indignant. I just can’t understand how can people be more moronic?

Just to clarify, This topic is about the national protest called “Occupy Wall Street.” A band of angry people… and that is about it. There isn’t any consistent message beyond the element that everyone is upset about something.

OWS also refer themselves as the “99%”. Now this isn’t a direct quote I don’t believe, but this is the only unified message that is being preached: “1% of our population is composed of CEOs and bankers who have buying power over the rest. They get rich off the backs of the poor. We are the 99%, and we want to give power back to the people!” 

Wow, there is so much to say on this topic that I may have to come back later to express the rest of my thoughts, but I’ll just throw out some ways to understand this absurdity.

Like I said, at least one thing is clear is who OWS claims is the antagonist: Corporate America. How can these CEOs be given these golden parachutes and make millions of dollars a year when there is a family who can’t even climb out of poverty

Seriously? That is your rationale? That there is this black coat society that hold all the keys to life and they just appeared in power like royalty and they are using $100 bills that was supposed to go to you and just using it for tissue? You ignorant fool! Just because you don’t see what they do it must be evil right? What about your idols huh? Lets replace that antagonist with one of these options: Lady Gaga, the free spirit rebel. She is worth $110 Million! or how about Harry Potter himself: Daniel Radcliffe is worth $80 Million & currently making $25 million this year! Even Denzel Washington is worth $120 Million. Probably the biggest is Jay-Z with almost a half a billion with $450 million.

Where is Occupy Hollywood? Why can’t they all realize they don’t need all that money? They should all be limited to $2 million dollars since they are already on tv and everyone loves them. Because they are the worst offenders! They go spend all that money and rub in our faces all the cool stuff we can never have!

What about how OWS took time to mourn for the death of former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs who rarely gave to charity, and exported many jobs to China. But just because they felt connected to him, they separated him from those evil rich people. 

So put your anger into a proper perspective! These people only provide a service just as a broker does. Neither one picked up a shovel or put a hard hat on.

You know what I personally believe the problem is? We live in a country the boasts about the abundance of opportunity. As children we are told we can be the president of the US. So we expect that to just happen, since we see other people who are successful and so it must be part of the natural order of life that we get the call to play in the NFL.

But when we take our graduation cap off and walk onto the street, life hits us right in the face! We get knocked down and say “where did that come from?” “How am I supposed to pay $75,000 student loan when people say I need experience in order to get that position?”

Hey guess what? LIFE IS HARD!!!! America is great because it was built by hard workers who broke through barriers to provide opportunity! They didn’t want class to limit their kids, that if they were willing to pay the cost, they had the opportunity to reach their potential!

YOU FOOL! YOU THINK LIFE IS SERVED ON A SILVER PLATTER! You have to earn your success! Nobody took it from you! But you are too LAZY to find work you’d rather sit around in a park and demand it is your right to have what others worked for!

YOU IGNORANT FOOL! You believe that money is set to zero-sum (in order to gain money, someone else has to lose it). These people worked to get their money, and resulted in many people beneath them to benefit as well!

So what is your solution OWS??? Remove the capitalist power and give it all to the public appointed officials? That is your claim? 

Lets say you are right, you say 1% is in control of our country. So your solutions is to what now would be a socialist government that is leaning more towards the communist spectrum! Doesn’t that now give control to 0.001% of the population? Even if you are right, YOU’RE STILL WRONG!

Also, if you feel you’re being taken advantage of, why do you give keys to the government? at least you have a fighting chance against beating the house, but instead you lock yourself in, with absolute no control and hope the government passes a law that is in your favor. 

The way I see it is that you may be the Florida Marlins in the economy. Everything you have to your name is just the annual salary of a corporate executive. (for those who need to see it in baseball terms: A-Rod makes more money than all the Marlins players combined). Yes the odds are stacked in your favor, but you at least have a chance!

 Instead, you rather play in NCAA Football, where even Boise State has outplayed their competitors for over 4 years, and they still don’t have a shot to making it to a national championship, because a group of people decided they don’t think they deserve it. 

This generation can be summarized by Gillian Anderson’s character in the tv show Community, since she plays a hippy girl who is desperately looking for any conflict that she could protest against. She dreams of being on national tv, being tear gassed & thrown into jail. Just because that gives her a sense of accomplishment. It wasn’t that there was a specific cause that she was so passionate about that the only way to make people stop and recognize the problem was to protest. That was just her method of obtaining recognition. That is almost exactly what I believe what lies the motivation of 99%. 

This generation has been degraded to 15 minutes of fame, and finding the easiest route to leisure, even if it is by dragging another down.

OWS is compiled with pathetic human beings, you’d rather sit outside waiting for your handout then finding a JOB or developing a skill to get a JOB!

I’m not rich, not even close. But I know one day I will, and it will be because I’m will to sacrifice the pleasures of youth to discipline and educate myself for the tasks and challenges that await me.

My passion is to help people, I believe that is my calling in life. So it just infuriates me when I see people suffering, and they are not willing to make the changes necessary to save themselves. For those in this category, I have no pity for you. Get out of my way as I help the hurting people who really have been deprived of the opportunity to follow the calling that God gave them!

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Thank you, Steve.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: The heart of Apple Inc. has regretfully stopped beating. Many thought Steve Jobs’ arch enemy was Microsoft & more recently Google. But rather it was pancreatic cancer. If you calculate tangible resources as a measure of success, he left at as perfect of timing as he could get: Last month Apple became the most valuable company in America. It was just over 24 hours after the world was informed on Jobs’ last innovation: iPhone 4S & Siri- the complete voice assistant. Another notable coincidence was a prediction made over 20 years ago Apple made about where they would be today. View the following video to see Apple’s 1987 concept video that is supposed to take place in…. September 16 (Torey’s birthday FYI) of 2011.

Apple essentially predicted Siri within a month, 24 years prior. Just want to stop there and say that is amazing! Back to the Future predicted we’d be flying cars by now.

Now that is out of the way, I’d like to celebrate the life of Steve Jobs and give my observation of his accomplishments and his impact on my life.

All my life, my family has been Apple followers. I grew up with Apple. Apple fit with my family because we’ve always been a little different from everyone else. We experienced things that most families never have experienced, like: Living in the heart of Mexico on a dirt road neighborhood, starting multiple businesses that served both categories of “products”: Goods (Tenacity) & Services (Ron Storer Photography, Harvest Images, High Point Solutions, etc.) We were the perfect image of an Apple user: independent, creative, and rebellious.

I obviously attached to Steve Jobs as one of my heroes. Steve Jobs was the physical embodiment of Apple’s image. He is the only person since Henry Ford to tell the customer what they want… And be completely right. A popular quote from Henry Ford is “If I listened to what the customer wanted, I would have invented a faster horse.” The computer was supposed to be a bleak machine that just spit out numbers so you didn’t have to physically write it out. Jobs said that computers were supposed to be visually appealing, and focused on the experience of the computer, not task that a computer is supposed to solve.

He carried this vision for the rest of his life.

Over the past few years I’ve tried to explain my perspective of Apple, and different methods in defending it. But they never seem to completely fit what I felt. Now as I reflect on Steve Jobs and Apple, I think I now have a new way to distinguish Apple from everyone else.

I’ve talked before about how Apple is an identity; how Apple is a way for people express themselves as unique. But that is only part of it. I recall many occurrences where I would over-hear a conversation where someone is excitedly showing the other person a feature on an iPhone. Most of the time the feature is something that is essentially basic like cut-and-paste or uploading photos to Facebook (yes I’ve had many conversations that fit in this category). So why is that? Why do Apple users feel compelled to annoy people about these features? I believe it is because Steve Jobs and Apple show their customers WHY they are important.

Apple’s biggest accomplishment was the iPod/iTunes. But Apple wasn’t the first mp3 player, nor digital media storage program. So how did they succeed? Because they didn’t just say they had a 5gb. mp3 player, they told you how you can walk around with 1,000 songs in your pocket.

I’ll make a statement I have never made: Apple doesn’t make the best products. Yup, to all my friends that I’ve exchanged many debates to try and prove Apple was better: You were right. After the Macintosh first came out, Apple’s competitors have always created stronger products.

When Apple provides new features to the iPhone, typically someone else already has a product that contains that feature. The difference is Apple focuses on telling the customer why it is useful. They create an environment that allows the user to use their creative imagination to envision how this helps them personally. When Apple displayed the front-facing camera on the iPhone 4, they showed how no matter where you are, you can experience moments in life with people you love without physically being there (When I describe this, its with Skype in mind, not necessarily “Facetime” because that plainly just doesn’t work). Apple customers now can imagine how they personally can benefit. It’s not just a second camera, it is the ability to not miss a memory.

So that is why Apple users are always looking stupid for showing off nothing new, because they see how it helps them personally and they want others to experience what they feel. Now contrast that with “pc” users: The only comment they make about their product is saying the Apple user is stupid, and then plainly displaying their more powerful product. Yes, they in many spec comparisions are carrying a better product. But do they see the significance of their product beyond the technical advantages? Now I want to take the foot off the gas and say I’m sure they do, I’m not implying on Apple users are like this and everyone else are drones. But I wanted to make a clear point on why I love Apple and identifying why I believe there is so much love for Apple.

Steve Jobs accomplished so much in his relatively short life. His sights were always set on reshaping the world he lived in. He was so focused on this task, he made the commitment to only have style of clothing (Jeans and a black long sleeve turtleneck) so he could focus all his creative thinking to products. He was completely dissatisfied with the way people had make compromises in life that short-changed them of many of life’s joys. This drive may have come with a cost for him personally, because he was a perfectionist who was quick to criticize others for not putting a 125% effort. But he still was able to motivate others to all have his vision of the future and make it a reality.

The quote that sticks to me personally is from back in 1983, when Jobs was trying to recruit PepsiCo’s CEO, John Sculley to head up Apple. From what I remember, Sculley didn’t think he’d be a good fit at a tech company, when Jobs said: “Do you want to be selling sugar water all your life? or do you want to change the world?” Another great quote is “If you wake up in the morning and ask yourself if this was your last day, would you be doing what you are doing today? if the answer is no for too many days, you need to make a change.”

These quotes are calls into action. On the first quote I replace the words “selling sugar water” with whatever I’m doing. Maybe it’s a corny statement, but what if we all did that? fill in your own description: Do YOU want to be _______ all your life or do you want to change the world? America is the land of opportunity (currently). We Americans have grown up with earth-shattering dreams, but we let fear and loss of vision drown out those dreams. We all have something unique to share with the world, so don’t lose sight of it!

You may criticize many things that Steve Jobs did, but he was one of the few people in this world who had a voice that was able to inspire others. Many people have good advice to share, but they lack the words to be able to verbalize the emotional connection to the audience. Jobs would rehearse numerous amount of times his presentations. Some people may feel that is disingenuous since he’s perfecting a script, but its more than that. Our brain doesn’t have emotion and language in the same part of the brain. That is why it is hard to express our feelings. I believe Jobs rehearsed so many times so that he could discover just the right words that match what he wanted to instill upon his audience. So they could feel what he feels.

If you could summarize Jobs’ impact on this world, it would be that he made it a more beautiful, and creative world to live in, providing new opportunities the world would have never had.

For me, I didn’t realize how much I gained inspiration from him until he was gone. I’ve always admired him, and expressed my respect for him. But now it is too late to send him an email to his maxed out inbox thanking him for being a role model for dedication to me.

So I will now say my final farewell to a man I never met, but has captivated and inspired me immensely. I do not know what God’s plan was for you was. Whether you followed his plan or not, you changed the life of millions, including mine. I will carry those words with me to inspire me to keep moving forward as search and follow God’s plan for my life.

I pray that in Heaven I will finally have the opportunity to meet you.

Thank you, Steve.


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STOP! Just Think! Seeing Past “Judgement Day”

-Ok, I admit, I shelved this post for like a week because I was caught up doing other stuff, but I still think this needs to be said.-

Hey everyone, I’m still here! Either God decided he really doesn’t like any of us or Harold Camping was wrong. -I’ll just help you, its the 2nd one-

After 6pm arrived at all timezones on May21, people wanted answers from Camping for why the Rapture didn’t come. But Camping hid himself from public view for about 2 days. During that time reports came out about different followers of Camping and the aftermath of their prepration for leaving earth. Some people drained their retirement & savings accounts to put up signs to warn people, others quit their jobs, others went on road trips and see places they’ve never seen, and others maxed out their credit cards. All left with the mess they thought they were going to be able to leave behind.

But on Monday May 23rd, 89 year old Harold Camping  finally spoke up to admit again that his math was wrong -he predicted the world would end back in 1994- but this time it was the interpretation of his math was wrong. -So don’t worry! he still knows what he’s doing!- May 21 wasn’t the rapture, but it still was “Judgement Day.” But we already figured that! did you not see Arnold Schwarzenegger get totally Terminated this past week?

But really, Camping says that the actual end of the world is October 21st and Saturday was just the judging of God on humanity. So yup, if you didn’t believe in God, tough luck! there’s no point in living now, just walk around aimlessly for the next 6 months until you go to hell!

Seriously?!?! Sure all those statements were not his words but that is essentially what he is saying: God has judged the earth and washed his hands clean of everyone who didn’t listen.  I’m sorry, even in Sodom and Gamorrah God made repeated attempts to save the city right before destroying it. But hey, Camping truly must be hearing from God, so lets call back all our missionaries, there’s no more work for them to do, lets stop going to church, because there’s nothing else we need to learn until we go to Heaven, and lets stop praying for our classmates that resort to drugs because of the emotional abuse they receive at home.

This is completely heresy! Harold Camping is a heretic!!! The reason why false prophets gain such a following is they still use scripture, but then twist different facts. Camping uses representation of numbers in the bible to convey a message. Which we can agree that God does like to use certain numbers of significance, ie 3 & 12. But what does is put a cement description of those numbers and makes it a fact that the number explicitely means a prediction in the future.

"The number 3 signifies God’s purpose. When the Bible writes about Christ being crucified, the number 3 is featured about 15 times: 3 crosses, 3 apostles in the Garden with Jesus, 3 denials by Peter, etc. All of these 3’s are emphasizing that it was absolutely God’s purpose that Christ be crucified.

The number 5 signifies the atonement or redemption (that is, Christ died to pay for the sins of those who He would save). This is seen, for example, by the half (½ or.5) shekel atonement money which pointed to the atonement.” You can read the whole thing here:

I realize I’m writting too much so I’ll just summarize for you my point. If you look at the quote, what you see is the subtle deception being built. He makes logical connections to conclude an illogical answer. Yes, it is obvious that the bible seems to use certain numbers repeatedely, but that DOES NOT mean God has placed an explicit and concrete description of what that number represents and is a piece of a puzzle to the mystery game show we’re playing in.

So that is just one example of seeing how we can get sucked into these rediculous conspiracy theories and cult religions. Question why you know what you know. Stop and actually take a second to see the logic behind one’s argument and then you’ll be able see past all the fancy talk and pursuasive arguements.

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Hearing The Voices of a Generation

I don’t even know how to start this, I guess I have to start at the moment I found out the muslim extremist Osama bin Laden was discovered and killed.

I had just got home from a great weekend with Ashlee and my family had just started to watch “The Fighter” when I got an breaking news email alert from the Tacoma News Tribune sayng Osama bin Laden was dead. After the movie I went to my bedroom to watch the tv reports about this historic day. I was overjoyed with the celebrations and all the Facebook posts. But then I was hit with a few questions: the first came when that I started to have that weird feeling about the reason why we were celebrating and had to ask myself what my motives were.

I concluded that even though this man is my generation’s Hitler, I wasn’t necessarily celebrating his death, but rather I was celebrating that this vessel of destruction has now been removed.

Because he’re something we don’t really think about when talking about Adolf Hitler or Osama bin Laden, both of the guys were influential leaders… -I’ll just throw this disclaimer right off the bat so there’s no misunderstanding- BUT THEY USED IT FOR EVIL! These men had natural gifts of empowering people, but satan used those gifts to produce horrific results.

Since bin Laden is unique, with him dead results in a lack of a leader for these muslim terrorists. There is no way to replace him. Sure they may have a good structure of leaders, but they can’t produce the same amount of chaos as they’ve been able to do in the past. Our job is not done to remove this threat against humanity.

Now that I answered the first question about my motives, I looked at the videos of the people in the streets and all the college kids celebrating and I asked myself, “Why does the college aged kids catch my attention?” Why do I feel to carry this news so close? That is when I realized the significance of Osama bin Laden has on my generation.

This is a stupid announcement but do you realize that WE ARE AT WAR?! We’ve been in this for so long, and it started at the age when I just starting to really grasp the reality of the world I live in. So for most of my growing up I’ve been living in a middle of a war. It just seems so natural to have troops deployed oversees, and getting the terrible reports of someone from McChord AFB has been KIA.

It seems so natural to fear and wonder where Osama bin Laden is and what he may do. We talk about WWII in some abstract voice but we’re living in the modern version of it! My generation has grown up with Osama bin Laden as it’s antoginist. We’ve grown up with this man as the symbol of our enemy: The enemy of freedom and life. So we get up and cheer when we have finally overcome him, but at least for me, it just now hit me that we have a stronger emotional connection to this story because of this timeline.

I don’t even know what exactly I’m wanting to leave you with. I guess it’s just to really remember our family and friends that are risking their lives for a true cause. There really is a threat that has the power to bring about much destruction. I will always remember May 1st 2011 as a day of victory.

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Education is Prohibiting My Learning.

Recently, Jimmy told me that Peter Thiel (the co-founder of PayPal & investor in Facebook) is supposed to announce his 20 students of entrepreneurs that are dropping out of college to pursue new business opportunities within the next week. Which in an interview has talked about how higher education is “the next bubble”. You can read that article here:

Today is the most I’ve ever agreed with that statement. I’m here at Torey’s powerlifting meet in Shelton & reading “the Facebook Effect” by David Kirkpatrick and I’m just completely in awe! Their story has captivated me and has completely sucked me into this book. I’m just Highlighting it like crazy. I can’t explain my emotional state I’m currently in. It’s as if I’ve been hypnotized by the story of creating Facebook. Which has left me with without any motivation to think about my huge Philosophy test I have on Monday, nor my Cuban culture project I haven’t started in Spanish, and not even my half week’s worth of math that is also due by Monday.

I just want to learn! I don’t want to be here in school! I want to sit down with a pile of books from people that found success and are sharing their experience and intellect.

This has brought me to ask: what is the sole objective of the professor? I am seriously thinking of going to my teachers and asking them that question. I want to know is their main objective to get me to learn a specific block of information they are teaching? are they a gear to a big motor that in the end of learning all these parts allow me to have the resource to succeed in life? or is it to provide an opportunity to learn in general? Like creating the opportunity to connect with other students that will someday help us succeed, to grab a specific piece of information that inspires us to new discoveries, etc? Because if each teacher’s sole purpose is to help us gain new opportunities with the focus through education then they need to give me some slack. Because I’m on a journey to discovering things about myself, and business. I may be on a road to shining a light on business and economics on a macro size that has been so dark before. We could literally change macro economics like Facebook did.

But I feel my ability to discover these answers is being cut short because of “education” I know that down the road I could use each of these classes I’m in: Spanish, calculus, & philosophy. But right now they are prohibiting me from becoming the best I can be.

I’m in an ever-present state of learning, but it has been divided between the forced education of school & my self education of life through human interaction as well as reading books.

So where is that balance?

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AT&T Ruins My Life

Great, AT&T has reported that they are buying T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion. So basically there goes my whole iPhone resale market! Last year I was able to sell my used, one year old iPhone for… $370! I bought it with tax for $325. The reason for the profit is because of AT&T’s exclusive market on the iPhone (now also Verizon, but that doesn’t change the demand because Verizon doesn’t have SIM cards) So the secondary market comes from T-Mobile customers who can’t get the iPhone. So if the customers from T-Mobile are now going to become AT&T customers, then I can’t really charge as much for my old phones!

Guess that means I have to actually save up for the new iPhone then :(

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Testing Mt. Rainier's Crevasses

 AAAHH!! I will make an unorthodox blog statement and say I don’t know what to do.

Ok if I haven’t lost my credibility as a blogger and you’re still reading, then I will proceed.

If you watch the video from the link I’ve posted (click on title for hyperlink), you will see two analysts (Peter Morici & David Tice) giving opposite opinions on the near future of our economy. As a Conservative, I agree with Tice’s argument in that as Dave Ramsey says: “You can’t spend your way out of stupid.” Which applies to macroeconomics as well. We can’t just print money and spend our way out of our national debt.

But here’s where I feel completely lost- in Tice’s first words he uses a common saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” And I’m feeling myself buying the scam.  

I look around, everything seems possitive in the aspect of the economy. At work I’ll be receiving twice the wage percentage raise I got last year & I believe 100% 401(k) matching has been restored at work (Can’t wait to turn 21! … for the matching investing of course). Also, the stock market has just been on fire for so long! My stock portfolio is up a whopping 43% currently (my Under Armour investment has more than doubled).

It feels so good to be up financially. But I’m sure it also does to be on top of Mt. Rainer (I’ll have ask my dad). But the fact is, you may be standing on top of the world and the sun is shining while you drink a ice cold Dr. Pepper but then you realize YOU’RE ON A MOUNTAIN!!If you’re on the top, you can’t advance much further before having to come down. Once that previous sense of heaven has passed you start to remember that it’s a treacherous journey you’re on and any minute now you could fall into a deadly crevasse.

This is where I feel now. I realize I’m high up, and now feel like I’m walking around the mountain without any stick to test my path. Just aimlessly walking, bracing myself for that fall when I find that deep crevasse that America will discover together.

So my question is, can anyone help me find that crevasse? I’ve been stock piling some cash, bracing for the fall since like October and just let my current investments skyrocket. Which is just making me impatient about investing. I want to put in some more chips into this game, but I feel like a sense of carbon monoxide creeping in.

Am I right? the market tends to slowly comes up and we put aside all the negatives going on and then out of nowhere everything crashes. I just want to make sure I’ve still have the cash to buy when the world comes to an end, again.

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